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Star Wars Trivia Night with Rainier Rollergirls!

This is the Trivia Night you are looking for; there is nothing more important that you have to do; your couch is not more comfy. You can come, there is no try.
The Rainier Roller Girls are hosting Trivia in a new cantina. Come on down to the Chieftain to support local roller derby while showing off your knowledge.

There will be easy questions, hard questions, a picture round, and a secret round. That’s right it’s a round based on Rogue One but we’ll keep the questions and answers a secret from those who haven’t had a chance to see the latest movie. There is a separate prize for this round.

The buy in is $5 and the grand prize for Master Jedi’s is a $1 from every buy in. If there’s 50 people you get $50. The rest goes to help put on Season Seven for the Rainier Roller Girls. We’ll see you on Wednesday night. May the force be with you.

Meet us at: The Chieftain Irish Pub
908 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122