During the fast action of a Rainier Roller Girls bout you'll be guided by the voices of our awesome announcing team.  During bouts the announcers will explain rules, play by play action and keep the crowds excited!


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Le Grand Mort


 Le Grand Mort has been yelling at roller derby for a long time.  Around 2007 someone put a mic in front of him and it only made him louder.  He has announced flat track, banked track, WFTDA and USARS championships, playoffs, local and international bouts.  As the business manager for Fast Girl Skates he can also tear down a skate and build it back to better than before.   He would like to give a big thanks to the talented and athletic women of Rainier Roller Girls for making his neighborhood that much cooler.

Murray Grande


Murray Grande not only calls roller derby bouts for the Rainier Roller but for Seattle amateur  wrestling.  He is highly involved in WXPFL, World Extreme Pencil Fighting League. He likes riding motorcycles, karaoke, and DIYing denim vests. 

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A huge thank you to our announcers, Le Grand Mort and Murray Grande, for all the work they do behind the track and scenes.